Want to know more about Guccifer 2.0?

Hi all!

I see many people wanna know a little more about me and ask a lot of questions.

And I’m ready to tell you what you’re interested in if it doesn’t threaten my safety.

Unfortunately I can’t give personal answers to everybody.

That’s why I’d like journalists to send me their questions via Twitter Direct Messages.

I’ll post the most popular questions and my answers in this blog so that everybody can read them in original and doesn’t distort my words as some journalists try to do.

So I’m eager to see your questions and will be glad to give my responses.

My Twitter account @GUCCIFER_2

65 thoughts on “Want to know more about Guccifer 2.0?

      1. Don’t talk to MSM, they’re part of the problem. Talk with alternative media! I suggest Global Research, 21st Century Wire, 4th Media, Activist Post, Mint Press, State of the Nation..

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  1. What were the DNC plans to “get rid of” Bernie Sanders Candidacy. It must have realized her was a “problem” by autumn 2015. Any discussions on the Democratic debates? Actually I am interested in anything you find on how the DNC tried to delegitimize Bernie Sanders’ campaign. I consider its actions a crime against democracy. Thank you are all you are doing Guccifer. We must stop the US from becoming a total oligarchy.

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      1. In my view, if Hillary Clinton ascends to the Presidency it will be the fatal blow to what little democracy we have left. She represents the corporate state & the war machine. She is above the law., corrupt & deceptive. The very fact that a good deed doer like Guccifer is the only means we the people have of being informed of public corruption at the highest levels, is, I believe, a testament to our dire circumstances as a nation.

        BTW, Guccifer I think you should be named after a good angel instead of a bad one. Thank you.

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  2. I would love to DM you a question or two, but for some reason it isn’t allowing me to. Follow me at @Elements11997 and I think that’ll solve the issue. I’ve been disgusted at how the mainstream media has for the most part been ignoring the documents you’ve been leaking and I want to write an article of my own discussing that. It’d be greatly appreciated if I could get into contact with you somehow.

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  3. I would love to DM you a question or two, but for some reason it isn’t allowing me to. Follow me at @Elements11997 and I think that’ll solve the issue. I’ve been disgusted at how the mainstream media has for the most part been ignoring the documents you’ve been leaking and I want to write an article of my own discussing that. It’d be greatly appreciated if I could get into contact with you somehow.


    1. The media is repeating what Crowdstrike says. Crowdstrike not only works for the DNC but has 150,000/a year contract with the FBI. The FBI has more than enough resources to know if the Russians are behind the hack. Obviously it found out it wasn’t the Russians so they have Crowdstrike saying it was the Russians. The media repeats it and here you are repeating it as well. Stop drinking the kool aid for Pete’s sake. Use your brain. I hate to quote Reagan but seriously, “Trust but VERIFY.” Do some analytical thinking.

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  4. I am focusing on the Clinton Foundation’s financial connections to Big Pharma, specifically the monetary motivations behind the Foundation’s push for toxic vaccines globally, including “clinical vaccine trials” in Third World Countries. http://www.govtslaves.info/clinton-foundation-a-cesspool-of-corporate-poisoners-junk-food-companies-and-pushers-of-vaccines-and-gmos/ Any documents that you can post as publicly viewable that show these Clinton Foundation/Big Pharma financial connections would be most helpful. Thank you!

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  5. Guccifer,

    I wrote an entirely long response to you but it seemlingly got lost in cyberspace. Regardless could you please talk about the Rockefeller Initiative, the clinton administration was a part of this and it needs to be discussed.


  6. I will attempt to type this again and will keep it short this time because it keeps getting deleted.

    Guciffer, the most highly classified issue on the planet is the extraterrestrial one. The Clinton Administration is in possession of this knowledge. Hillary met with Laurence Rockefeller on his ranch back from 1993-1996 and it was during this time that she learned of the et presence engaging this earth. It is not the political agenda, nor the bankers of distrust that will be the only major expose here.. What will happen in the coming months and next year will be shocking,

    We know Miss Clinton herself has stated, “I will disclose ufo files if it is not a national security issue” she is lying. It “IS” a national security issue, she and her husband have always know about this. If you have access to the administrations files Guccifer it’s highly unlikely that you will get a hold of the et ones unless you’re “really good” I encourage you to try.

    further more:
    I am a contactee and this means that I have met these ets in person. Yes, I am telling the truth. I will say there are many different races and that this is a reality that we will be facing soon. In addition, I have met and spoken with many Navy Officials, Astronauts, military, etc I am aware that you are aware of the cabal just as I am.

    The people need to know the truth about what’s going on out there.

    We have made it our goal to disseminate our intel across the globe. I can only do so much here “The White Hats” “Anonymous”, “White Dragon Society” etc, Cobra.. we are all doing our part.

    Thank you for listening and I ask out of respect that you please answer this message.

    Also the news agencies, to the people above me, you need to report on the Rockefeller Initiative too. It is highly disconcerting that a topic of such grave importance is being ignored by the mass media but of course it doesn’t come as a surprise either. Please do the right thing.



    1. Be cautious. This is classified higher than even nuclear weapons details. They will kill to keep the knowledge hidden and won’t think long before doing so.

      The reason it stays classified is not because governments want to hide this from people.
      It is classified because aliens ask so. They threathen to cut communication links otherwise : we have here no choice in this matter. They will keep talking to us only if it is, for now, kept a secret.

      Disclosure will happen when they (aliens) choose to do so. Governments keep it under a lid because it is asked from them.


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  9. It is a sad state we are in to have to hack into files to get any sort of information about what our government is doing. We fund the government. We fund the DNC and the RNC. They have big donors, but the people of this country ultimately pay the price for all that the large contributors are rewarded with. This country will fail if we the people can’t get our votes to count. Give us something to help with that. Hack away.

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    1. slightly monotone:

      122 x On the advice of counsel, I will decline
      79 x Objection. Vague / Outside the scope
      11 x Witness is instructed not to answer.
      8 X On advice of counsel, I will decline

      That should be 130 questions asked, 90 objected by lawyer or advised not to answer. 40 x he may thus himself respond with the same, same answer: On (the) advice of counsel, I will decline to answer your question in reliance on my rights under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

      I don’t think this will go anywhere.


  10. I seriously made an account on here just to ask you to release more info on clinton. We cant let her keep being a billboard for corporate interests. I can only hope that the FBI will move to indictment soon. She accepts foreign “donations” as well as donations from corporate america. Literally the most prime example of the corporate lobbying that has ruined this country. Not only that, but all of this money is not taxed. It’s all so gross. Do us a favor and find out how much money she has laundered though her tax evasion shell company registered at 1209 North Orange St Wilmington, Deleware.


    1. Viewing Lorenzo’s tweets – and his predetermined conclusion that you are “Russian” (not that it would in any way impact the SIGNIFICANCE of the CONTENT of the documents) … I understand why you cut off the interview and why you would not bother with their further questions.

      Your national origin – even if you were a “Russian spy” – is IRRELEVANT.

      I also am amused – I think Lorenzo think YOU promised HIM, and him alone, something in this thread. That you would ANSWER “HIS” questions – and on HIS timeline.

      Whereas I am perfectly happy to wait and see how and if you answer my questions. And you are under no obligation to do – and never actually said you would answer ALL questions, in fact, I think you specifically said you would answer questions so long as they did not jeopardize your safety.

      So I am not quite as “curious” as Bev.

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  11. Kinda unlikely this person is going to get another bite at the apple – don’t you think?

    Lorenzo Franceschi-BVerified account
    Will he follow through on his promise? If you believe it was the Russians behind all this, perhaps he won’t, as public has moved on already.

    Oh – and would Lorenzo kindly answer my question?

    When he says “public has moved on already” – from what and where is he deriving that conclusion?


  12. And so my other question to Lorenzo would be, following his “line of thinking,” but applying it back upon him:

    Do you work for the US government? Or any security firm? Have they spoken to you about your prior interview?

    Please provide your answers within 24 hours – or I guess we are permitted to conclude the answer is YES. Correct? Isn’t that the logic entailed in your own tweeted statements?


  13. Greetings from America Guccifer, i wasn’t sure what has become of you. i thought you were in jail. there were videos online them arresting you i think last year or later? anyway, the date on this page is recent. i am confused. either way, if you are free, i am glad you are and super excited you exposing the united states politic corruption –especially of Hillary and the rest of those treasonous 535 vipers that call themselves congress!!!


  14. Just sitting here praying every day that we can find a way to get Hillary Clinton out of the race for President. My heart is broken into a million pieces that Bernie is not making any better headway on his effort to achieve Presidency. The time is so right for him to be our leader. We so desperately need him. Save the world if you can! Help Bernie.


  15. I have been trying to find out who registered the GoFundMe account for murdered MP Jo Cox. The fund organizer did not respond to my request, and the Gofundme team refuse to release the name. I have reported this potential fraud to the UK Police fraud action team, but they have not responded as yet. Is there any chance you could have a look at this ? The fund has now exceeded it’s target of £1.5million, and is still getting donations. I have kept my MP informed of my investigation, he’s a barrister ! https://www.gofundme.com/jocox/


  16. Thank you for helping to expose those who are destroying our country. You are helping to rebuild America. What you are doing is very brave, but also very dangerous. Hillary is starting to get rattled and all that you are doing is starting to break her down mentally as she tries to put out the fires. Please be careful as you continue your important mission to help us all! I pray for your safety and happiness. Thank you from everyone

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  17. I just read your “biography”. I assumed you were from the US, but anyone that fights to expose corruption around the world is hero for all mankind. The fact that you are able to do this without all the fancy gadgets or training is amazingf Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the DNC have used the media, donors, and other resources to basically run our country into the ground. The are narcissistic leaders that believe our country is a dictatorship in which the control the outcomes. By you exposing these emails you are connecting the dots for many Americans who walk around with blinders on. The amount of corruption being exposed is starting to be too much for Hillary to cover up\explain away. She is like a juggler adding balls she has to juggle. Before long the balls are going to come crashing down.


  18. Guccifer … you seem to be tilted in one direction only. Curious, because the most target rich territory would be Donald Trump and his tax returns. Want to become known as the ultimate hacker of all time? Give us a look at his tax returns ….

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  19. Hello! I admire you. I am in the information security field and have goals to be able to perform tasks such as yours. I work in the field, study, and play information security but still can’t do what you can do. Whats your trick lol


  20. Twitter and FB didn’t seem to be spreading your message enough so I started a WordPress blog of my own, will keep on posting relevant materials as well as yours. That woman can not ever be allowed to be President. If you have doubts go watch some of the ‘banned’ videos on Youtube of her and Bill if she isn’t a psychopath she’s something close to that.


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