Guccifer 2.0 hacked DCCC

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361 thoughts on “Guccifer 2.0 hacked DCCC

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  1. Saw the Soros stuff…you rock…would love to see you find some stuff to bring that SOB down. Putin wants him badly, so do the Americans. Money and power only gets you so far…can’t take it with you…and he’ll be going soon enough at his age. Go get him to give him the send off he deserves. You’re the man…no lie…you fricking rock Guccifer

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  2. Frankly the email addresses (all of them) and the phone numbers of Congress SHOULD be PUBLIC INFORMATION.

    They should not LEGALLY be allowed to have emails and phone numbers HIDDEN – in an effort to HIDE from those who EMPLOY them and ENTRUST them with power (that they tend to abuse).

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  3. My name is Jeff Epstein and I am Assistant Driector and co-founder of Citizens’ Media TV on Facebook. We understand you have exclusive documents for media organizations who personally request it. We are requesting it! 🙂

    Please tell us what we further need to do. Thank you.


  4. Are there any foolish enuff to be eMailing about what to do right now?!

    Those would be priceless to see!

    What happens when information is delivered in a neat package and nothing happens. The Campaign continues, the investigations are delayed and HRC admits a couple more mistakes.

    Do our fellow citizens really not get it?
    Stop the political corruption. If ‘someone’ protected the money we all contribute as our patriotic duty, we deserve to know it goes to those that need it and feel like they are being ignored. They are not being ignored, they are being victimized.

    Can someone step forward and pro-bono some kind of action on behalf of Americans?

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  5. Did anyone screenshot this info? I knew I should have done it before twitter and FB/ wordpress and any other social media was paid to block it. UGH! Not happy, I usually block it as soon as it is posted. Mad at myself!


  6. Hey just letting you know it says that the content was blocked due to privacy. At least on my screen. Keep doing what you are doing. You must be doing something right if almost every site is trying to silence you.

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  7. This author, Victor Thorn, found dead – who wrote about Hillary Clinton stated ““For example, all in one place you’ll find the real truth about the Benghazi scandal; Hillary’s covering up of Bill’s sexual assaults against innocent victims; the email scandal that has rocked her candidacy; her recent shady business dealings and money laundering; and much more,” it added.” All in one place….only Hillary & Bill Clinton could be so stupid. A smart person could figure out where to find it. Wonder if anyone has.


  8. Guccifer Thank you! I am writing a new book: TrumpTalks And The Unraveling of the Washington Web. The stuff I found out before you hacked the DNC was beyond anti-American. And Soros is the leader of the pack, and I think the Ford Foundation should get second spot. I actually had to walk away from my desk and go for a walk one night because what I was reading was making me sick. I have to commend you for taking action. I am a strong advocate for ethics and integrity, but when you have an enemy of the state as covert as the DNC you have to meet them at their own game. God said that everything done in secret shall be shouted from the rooftops openly. Touche — you’re the man! Again, thank you!


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