Trump’s taxes: Clinton campaign prepares a new provocation

I found out something interesting in emails between DNC employees and Hillary Clinton campaign staff. Democrats prepare a new provocation against Trump. After Trump sent his financial report in May it appeared on DNC servers at once. DNC rushed to analyze it and asked the Jones Mandel company to make an effective investigation. I won’t be surprised if some mainstream media like the New York Times or CNN publish soon Trump’s financial docs. No doubt who could give them.

P.S. To confirm my words I publish some screenshots of the DNC emails and the first pages of the DNC docs.

The letter from DNC employee Kelly Roberts to Clinton campaign member Tyson Brody. They discuss Trump tax transparency.


Attached document – Trump statements on tax returns. It contains analysis of Trump statements on tax returns.


The letter of DNC which contains request to FEC about Trump financial report.


The first page of Trump financial report.


The letter from Ian Mandel (Jones Mandel partner) to Tony Carrk (Clinton campaign member) and Lauren Dillon (DNC). They discuss Trump FOIAs.


Attached document – Additional Trump FOIAs Memo. it contains recommendations for additional FOIAs.


The first page of Trump Foundation financial report which I got from DNC server.


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32 thoughts on “Trump’s taxes: Clinton campaign prepares a new provocation

  1. Thank you Guccifer 2.0 for the heads up. We all know how disgusting, despicable and corrupt HRC is. I’ll be watching for your updates.


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  3. I appreciate your work, but an outright dump of all DNC email would be about the only thing likely to upset this election (preferably by disqualifying Hillary). This stuff is going to be just about moot very soon.


  4. Hire a food taster. Your life – on every level – including your body and your health and that of those you love is being hacked. Hire a food taster, forever. Stomach cancer really sucks.
    — your friends and neighbors


  5. Reblogged this on Oakland Park Watcher and commented:
    Don’t know what Hillary Clinton thinks she was going to accomplish through this! Personally, I am so sick and tired of everything to do with this election! I have a feeling that Obama is trying to declare martial law now, with this fake cyber attack that he has been trying to pull off since Friday, October 21, 2016. If you look at the two cyber security web sites, it is obvious that the whole thing is fake! The same attacks happen to the same places over and over and over again! What do they think people are stupid? Do they really think people are not going to notice that the same companies are getting hit at the same time at the same point over and over and over and over! It’s like the old Looney Tunes cartoon said “Which way did they go George, which way did they go?’ And Bugs Bunny pointed everywhere! I guess that’s how Obama and Clinton must think that the American people are thinking! We are to drugged up, drunk or high to realize what is going on in this country! Sometimes I wonder if maybe they may be right, but then I see some of the amazing things that my neighbors do, and realize, they really are awake!
    I guess the people in Washington forgot what life outside the four walls of an office building is like! People are alive in the real world! We are not numbers or statics. We are not cash or rewards! We are not different races, religions, ethics, we are human beings living on a planet created by God! We all breath air, we all bleed, we all love, we all have feelings! We are all going to die, they are going to die! Why do they worry about such petty little things such as money and wealth is beyond me! But all I know is I respect each and ever person on this Earth, for everyone will face the creator

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  6. It would be awesome if you could find documents that reveal Soros instructions for the voting machines to be rigged in Democrat favor. All the voting issues happening during early voting are no coincidence, and there has to be a tie somewhere.


  7. If someone stands for the truth …. he or she would seek to find the truth in all possible perspectives. Trump, Hillary, Biden aren’t they all the same? Both who lie or/ and elaborate their sentences to have double meanings as to what they truly want to say, do or stand for. It’s clearly obvious that we need to change the way our political, economical and ethical system currently works. But nothing will change, because people do not actually care until they are the ones targeted by it. No one cares about the dark actions / intentions committed by biden, Obama, trump, Clintons, bush because they’re not affected by them… this is what smart people will use against us … they can do whatever they want as long as their people get what they want. No one wants masks, then say that they dont have to wear masks…. they want jobs? Give them jobs… while in the background take advantage of other countries, steal their lands/products, exploit their people and influence their elections. That’s today’s age … but no one cares. And as long as we have that ignorance not just by governments but by everyone on this planet nothing will ever change. We all want change and heroes but what hero what government would imply that change if their people don’t even show that example.


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