Info from inside the FEC: the Democrats may rig the elections

I’d like to warn you that the Democrats may rig the elections on November 8. This may be possible because of the software installed in the FEC networks by the large IT companies.

As I’ve already said, their software is of poor quality, with many holes and vulnerabilities.

I have registered in the FEC electronic system as an independent election observer; so I will monitor that the elections are held honestly.

I also call on other hackers to join me, monitor the elections from inside and inform the U.S. society about the facts of electoral fraud.


162 thoughts on “Info from inside the FEC: the Democrats may rig the elections

  1. Guccifer2.0. ..

    Are you an operative of a reputation management firm based in DC?

    Are you really an American that masqueraded as a Russian (by using a Russian VPN and a Yandex account) who in turn weakly masqueraded as a Romanian so the MSM could easily unveil your “Russian, really” identity?

    Are you a fabrication intended to counter the leaks and discredit Wikileaks – a fake persona actually conceived between June 12 and June 15 as a response to the news that Wikileaks had the DNC’s emails?

    You never released anything that wasn’t already in the public domain, you falsely claimed to be the source for Wikileaks DNC leaks, you claimed to have carried out hacks that you could never demonstrate the ‘take’ from and ultimately, in terms of anything consequential and unique – you produced nothing.

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    1. Doing a series of articles on this for They can be also found on my WP blog. First is called “Julian Assange, CrowdStrike, and the Russian Hack that Wasn’t,” second is “The Lies at the Heart of the Mueller Indictments, Part 1.” Part 2 of latter piece is written and will be published soon. Please check them out, would love to hear your thoughts.


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