Here I am Again, My Friends!

I really hope you’ve missed me a lot. Though I see they didn’t let you forget my name. The U.S. intelligence agencies have published several reports of late claiming I have ties with Russia.

I’d like to make it clear enough that these accusations are unfounded. I have totally no relation to the Russian government. I’d like to tell you once again I was acting in accordance with my personal political views and beliefs.

The technical evidence contained in the reports doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. This is a crude fake.

Any IT professional can see that a malware sample mentioned in the Joint Analysis Report was taken from the web and was commonly available. A lot of hackers use it. I think it was inserted in the report to make it look a bit more plausible.

I already explained at The Future of Cyber Security Europe conference that took place in London in last September, I had used a different way to breach into the DNC network. I found a vulnerability in the NGP VAN software installed in the DNC system.

It’s obvious that the intelligence agencies are deliberately falsifying evidence. In my opinion, they’re playing into the hands of the Democrats who are trying to blame foreign actors for their failure.

The Obama administration has a week left in office and I believe we’ll see some more fakes during this period.

I guess you have a lot of questions for me. So, feel free to send them via DM.

190 thoughts on “Here I am Again, My Friends!

  1. I knew you had nothing to do with it! This is just another lie from our government. They used the same excuse to invade Iraq with Suddam Hussan (however you spell it), now they are blaming you, Wikileaks and others for their stupidity because they don’t understand how the internet works. If they don’t keep up with current security any kid in the neighborhood can hack into any computer and leave no trails. They need to replace outdated people like Clapper and get younger people to work in the NSA who know all about computers and the internet to fix the hacking problem. Because Clapper, McCain and friends are 20 years behind in knowing about tech. and can’t keep up with the daily changes!


  2. Hang in there!.. You did very well. If you EVER need to get something out…Please let me know and I will Post ASAP!

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  3. Anyone that opposes the Globalists has my admiration & that includes you, Trump & all those that caused his ascension to power. Perhaps if people went with the old cliche, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then they’d actually protect themselves instead of focusing on their blackberry keyboards & 4th rate home servers. That includes our wonderful US intelligence agencies & their floppy disc tech culture. US Cybercommand, notwithstanding. 🙂


  4. Many thanks to you, Guccifer, for all that you are doing to EXPOSE our illegal, illegitimate, CRIMINAL government and all it’s quisling criminal agencies. High Five.


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