New docs from DNC network: lots of financial reports and donors’ personal data

Here I upload a new part of docs from the DNC network.

As Debbie Schultz from DNC said no financial information or secret documents were stolen.

It appears there are a lot of financial reports, donors lists and their detailed personal information including e-mail addresses and private cell phone numbers.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Who still doubts I extracted more than 2 files?

I got tons of files and docs!!!

Here are full personal data of donors:


And another one:


And one more:


Look at this financial report:


You’ll also find more interesting stuff in these docs:

Hillary for America Fundraising Guidelines from Agent Letter

HRC Personal and Purpose Driven ROY

2016 Red to Blue Memo

2015 JHS Roster

2015-03-22 Memo for Senior Staff

2015-2016 Contribution Limits (DCCC)

confirmed attendees april 2016

Convention Memo -12-15

Copy of DC Ind $1k Up

HFA Paid Media Traffic 3 9 16

Memo for Fundraising Staff

presidential campaign 2016

Private Memorandum to Ashton Carter 3.17.15


WJC HFA Requests 9.16.15

Wyss Democracy Strategy 03 06 15

Hope you’ll appreciate it. Wait for another part! You won’t regret.

Together we’ll be able to throw off the political elite, the rich clans that exploit the world!

Fuck the lies and conspirators like DNC!!!


133 thoughts on “New docs from DNC network: lots of financial reports and donors’ personal data

    1. Thanks to Guccifer for exposing the truth to the world, from the information posted so far we are all witnessing the fact: Hillary’s implicit criminality / in my opinion/ is nothing if not overwhelming…


      1. how do we know the veracity of the documents??? first its a lawsuit filed which anyone can file a lawsuit…let see how real these documents really are. I am sure their authenticity or not will be established soon enough!!

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  1. The text below was in my email as a comment, but I can’t find it here. Are we censoring posts we don’t like????

    Listen up you naive idiots.

    This shit is VERY serious and ILLEGAL. Not because of your malformed thinking regarding political funding transparency but because it DISTRIBUTES Personally Identifiable Information (PII) belonging to LEGAL DONORS. You’ve just handed the ENEMIES of the Democratic Party and Clinton a personal HARASSMENT list. The people who donated to her/their causes have the right to their privacy, don’t they? These aren’t all big rollers–most of them are legal limit donators and you MORONS have just painted targets on all their backs.

    Do you remember when Sarah Palin got Gabrielle Giffords SHOT IN THE HEAD because she added her to a personal grudge list and some Republican nutcase decided to “help”? You’ve just potentially done that to ALL the democrat donors. Congratu-fucking-lations.

    I like Bernie too, but this criminal shit does NOT help his cause, it just makes his followers look like unhinged, anarchistic idiots. No. What you DID do is give Trump a nice way to divert probes into his own questionable funding practices away from him and back at Clinton. Quite frankly, to no fault of Hillary or DNC’s, you morons may have just handed Trump the office of the President of the United States. And if that’s the case, you all DESERVE what you’re going to get.

    I’ve NEVER been as disgusted with my party as I am right now with all of you. SHAME on you

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      1. Do you have trouble comprehending? I reposted something written by someone else. If you choose to argue a point, know who you’re arguing with.


      2. Oligarchy? How about protecting the personal info of the little people who donated? How crass can you be, to suggest that releasing this info is not a breach? Would you like us to release your contact info? Do you think Guccifer 2.0 (Chris) would like his number published? Aue.


    1. Who handed Trump the office? Us? So, if a witness of a murder reveals the murderer, does that witness is responsible for that murder and for prisoning the murderer? Is this your logic?
      BTW, Bernie is still in race. If morons like you would stand up for Bernie instead of blaming people for revealing the truth, Bernie would have a better chance to become a nominee.

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  2. What this does is prove that the average american has little or no influence in the political processes of our government. Pollitics is a game the rich play and is paid for by the rest of us. Want to play chip in 2 million and sit back for the ride.

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  4. Guccifer is an agent of the Russian intelligence service. They are actively involved in trying to trump elected. Congratulations, you are helping a foreign power exploit America’s weaknesses.


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