Dossier on Ben Ray Lujan

Here is the DCCC dossier on Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, the DCCC chairman. It seems the DCCC Research Department collected all his speeches and statements, financial data, as well as his weak and strong points on thousands of pages. It will be amazing. 113th-congress-republican-attacks-lujan 022615-ben-ray-lujan-toplines 032615-brl-controversial-votes-votes-against-dems 051815-brl-clips-book 121415-brl-top-hits-memo-final nexis-clips-1 lujan-norcross-3-5-15 lujan-main-briefing-latino-council-breakfast 032515-brl-staff-salaries-gender-analysis And once again, […]

DCCC Docs from Pelosi’s PC

Hi everyone As you see I’ve been gradually posting DCCC docs on different states. But besides that I have a folder from the Nancy Pelosi’s PC and I’d like to share some docs from it with you. They are related to immigration, Hispanics, BLM, Islam and other issues. So here they are 2016 NP Proposed […]

DCCC Docs on Pennsylvania

I received a great number of messages from my followers asking to release more and more docs on various states. Pennsylvania is the most frequently requested state. So, here are DCCC docs on Pennsylvania’s congressional districts. You may find a thing or two about the Democratic primaries in the state there. NP PA Political Memo […]

DCCC Internal Docs on Primaries in Florida

Here are the DCCC docs on Florida: reports, memos, briefings, dossiers, etc. You can have a look at who you are going to elect now. It may seem the congressional primaries are also becoming a farce. Florida docs by districs FL-07 Path to Victory FINAL 2016.03.02 FL-10 Path to Victory FINAL 2016.03.09 FL-13 Path to […]

New DNC docs

You may have read about my new release in the media this time. As I can see it, many of you wish to have a look through the docs with your own eyes. So, I don’t have courage to keep you unaware any longer. Here you are: Hsu Contributions Hsu TY Magliochetti campaign contributions 99-00 […]