DCCC Docs from Pelosi’s PC

Hi everyone
As you see I’ve been gradually posting DCCC docs on different states.
But besides that I have a folder from the Nancy Pelosi’s PC and I’d like to share some docs from it with you. They are related to immigration, Hispanics, BLM, Islam and other issues.
So here they are

2016 NP Proposed Contributions 3.28.16

2016 NP Proposed  Contributions 3.28.16

BLM Memo


DCCC Memo on Surrogates and Paying for House Volunteer Travel


SJI Main Briefing- October 30th


Recent Immigration Reform Proposals




Framework One Pager_Benghazi


Casellas Gilbert_Latino Council


2015 Year in Review Memo

2015 Year in Review Memo

Pelosi FD Exit Memo – Smith

pelosi memo

157 thoughts on “DCCC Docs from Pelosi’s PC

  1. Guccifer, have you thought about the treasure trove that might be found in John Boehner ‘s email? I’d be willing to bet that arrogant SOB has never deleted a thing, or cleaned out anything. And, I’d also bet he has plenty of dirt on a lot of people, including Obama.

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  2. Does anyone know who the International Organization for Migration is? (http://www.iom.int). When they hold a secret council, it looks like a government forum. To get to the heart of their documents, you have to log in as a “member state”. They are part of the membership that are driving the refugees across the globe. Would be nice to see just who is tied to, and propelling this group.


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